Dr. Abdulaziz Alongary

Board Member

Dr. Abdulaziz is a Saudi National with a significant academic background. He graduated in the year 1991 in Accounting from the Junior College of Technology in Saudi Arabia and University of Bridgeport from United States of America in 1996 following it with a Masters Degree in 1998 from MIS University of Detroit Mercy (USA) and a DBA (Doctorate in Business Administration) With specialization in real estate (MIS) Management (USA).

Dr. Abdulaziz Al Ongary is also holding a vast and extensive experience in business strategic management. He is a Deputy Chairman of the Investment Committee Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Dr. Al Ongary is a member of the Executive Council of Prince Abdulmajeed Bin Abdul-Aziz mother’s mortmain (Waqf), Member of the investment recourses committee presided by prince Moqrin Bin Abdul-Aziz, Member of help desk institute (U.S.A) until now, Member of Awqaf of Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Angari under formation council of the King Fahad 2010, Member of Real Estate Committee which is controlled by Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Participant Member of the Arbitration Committee for the Executive Presidents – Dubai, Participant Member in issuing Rules and Regulations related to the Real Estate Companies and Investments Majlis Ahura (The Saudi Counsel council), Member of American Management Association U.S.A (AMA)) and Member of American marketing association,U.S.A etc.,

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