Eng. Abdullah Atatreh

Vice Chairman

Engineer Abdullah Atatreh has graduated from the United Arab Emirates University in the year 2000 with a Bachelor’s degree of Civil Engineering. He has 15 years of extensive experience in domestic as well as global scenario by conceptualizing ideas, seizing opportunities and leading highly successful new business development initiatives with proven record of successful projects. The detailed expertise and trustful business collaborate relationships of Engineer Abdullah Atatreh is highly noteworthy.

Engineer Abdullah Atatreh is hardworking and the nature of his personality is appealing which is always had direct influence on the professional employees and the consultants working with him. His real estate group took a remarkable position due to the reliability and commitment in meeting the targets. That has placed Bonyan International Investment Group (Holding) L.L.C. on the map as one of the largest real estate’s companies in the region. Engineer Atatreh is a highly competent and experienced individual with high-growth recorded in construction, technology, innovation and project engineering, oil & gas, education, hospitality, Logistics organizations etc.  He is a result-oriented player with a strong technical background having many qualities such as effective strategic management, financial analysis and operations management expertise etc. He has developed and managed operations/programs within budget while improving profitability. He is known for his strategic vision and efficiency-focused approaches with a sense for market opportunities and the ability to successfully identify problems, develop solutions, and implement best practices and process improvements throughout organization. His main aim is to be a partner of choice in the set up of new business ventures for local and international business houses by adding value and taking a lead role in promoting and steering projects towards their speedy implementation; and to be an employer of choice to attract top affluent  professionals locally and from across the globe.


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