Mr. Abdulla Bin Brook


Mr. Abdulla Bin Brook Al Humairi has a solid background in business as he belongs to a prominent business-oriented family in the UAE with successful investments in different GCC sectors. Mr. Al Humairi did not solely rely on his background to achieve success but rather sought knowledge and professional experience while capitalizing on his resources. Mr. Al Humairi is a graduate of United Arab Emirates University in 2001 with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and has earned a Master degree in Business Administration. Mr. Al Humairi started his career as a Land Registrar at the Department of Land and became the Head of the Department of Land in the span of one year as a result of his proven progress, ability to multitask, integrity and consistent development of knowledge and skills. Mr. Al Humairi currently serves as Head of Client Service at the Office of Presidential Affairs in Abu Dhabi, Capital of the UAE.

In addition to working in the Government Sector, Mr. Al Humairi is a Shareholder and Board Member of several prosperous establishments. Mr. Al Humairi is Shareholder and Chairman of Bonyan International Investment Group, a UAE based group specializing and pioneering in the field of real estate in the GCC. Mr. Al Humairi is also Shareholder and Board Member of Tabarak Investment, a UAE based company with investments in the education, food security, real estate and insurance sectors in the UAE.

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