Mr. Mohammad Atatreh

Board Member

Mohammed Atatreh has graduated from the United Arab Emirates University, Al Ain in the year 2004 with a Bachelor’s Degree of Accounting. His career has focused on Oil & Gas Accounting, Cost & Managerial Accounting besides the real estate development field. His entrepreneurial spirit and sound financial background has enabled him from the beginning to determine the viability and potentials of investment opportunities. His methodical approach and cost focused forecasting allows him to streamline operations whilst maintaining a certain degree of flexibility which is resulting in cost effective yet responsive organizations. His expertise therefore includes a clear processes and procedures to ensure that quality and accountability are maintained. His experience in both Qatar and the UAE in the real estate and development sector has been an intensive and speedy insight into the industry. He leads a property development company based in Doha, which was established in 2004 and embarked on a number of projects in Qatar, namely the Palm Towers and Lagoon Plaza.

As one of the founding members of Bonyan International Investments group (Holding) L.L.C , Mr.Mohammed Atatreh played a significant role in establishing the company and continues to support the growth and direction of the company on a strategic level identifying new areas for growth and establishing and acquiring new business ventures to develop the company portfolio and geographic base. Due to the large-scale nature and variety of projects, which he has, co-ordinated, he has acquired essential skills in project management, cost control and negotiation as well as well defined leadership skills.

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