Mr. Mousa Ibrahim

Corporate Counsel

Mousa Ibrahim has graduated from the University of Jordan in the year 1991 with a Bachelor Degree of Law and he is a Member of Jordanian Bar Association since then. He was also a Member of the Committee formed by Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry to discuss the New Law of Commercial Companies from November 1999 until April 2000.

Mr.Mousa Ibrahim has extensive experience in his field for over 24 years and it was our honor to join us and to work for our group as an essential cornerstone since 2005. He is the head of our legal department who directly supporting the Chairman, CEOs, and other Board members and Executives. As the Corporate Counsel and the Head of Legal Department at all the legal matters comes under his purview therefore he is been directly involved in all the investment activities of the company such as Real Estate Development, Commercial, Financial, Industrial, Civil Aviation, Banking, Services, Real Estate Management and Property Management in the UAE, GCC, MENA, Europe, America and Asia, Hospitality, Education, Merger and Acquisition etc.

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