About Bonyan group

Bonyan Group has been a pioneering force in developing the lucrative real estate market in the Gulf and MENA regions. Since entering the real estate market in 2002, which ultimately lead to the successful creation of "Bonyan International Investment Group Holding P.S.C.", the Company, along with its partners, co-founders and subsidiaries, has been successfully and steadily growing and developing, acquiring a prestigious reputation in the region and establishing offices in the United Arab Emirates, in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah, Jordan, Qatar, Oman, the British Virgin Islands, the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands and many other countries.

Our success is attributed to providing professional support through our staff, along with the support received by Bonyan Group and its customers. Whether taking on total ownership of a development project, or acting as partners, we offer well-established trusted expertise in every conceivable area including master planning for start-ups. This includes land planning, project development and management; investment; trading; real estate brokerage, renting and leasing.

Over the years, Bonyan Group has been seeking access to the real estate development integration through linking all the real estate development stages with experienced and competent consultation, engineering, finance and investment firms and offices and with all relevant real estate development processes, including the development and management of cities and towers and marketing of its units, resulting in creating its distinctive partnerships and organizations, listed below in Our Stakeholders and Related Companies.


Capitalizing on our early entry into key MENA real estate markets with a solid base, credibility and reliability, established upon our expertise and skills, Bonyan Group will be a key contributor to the real estate development towards the growth and prosperity of communities by applying our creativity and ingenuity to create real estate developments of striking visual quality and lasting economic value. In the process, Bonyan will achieve strong financial returns for its shareholders and will become an attractive opportunity for investors and employees.​

OUR vision

We aim to be recognized as one of the leading organizations in all phases of property development, characterized by innovation and quality, empowering us to deliver our units and our real estate investment portfolios, while creating prosperity for the community and exceeding stakeholders’ aspirations.​

gm message

As regional pioneers and leading well-established real estate developers, we have always recognized that the real estate sector is one of the key generators of the wealth of any nation. A booming real estate market is not only a sign of economic prosperity, it is also generally a key driver of economy. Property drives production in the industrial and commercial projects and subsequent service projects. It is for this reason that we have recognized the significance of our role as a premier real estate development company and have committed ourselves in creating a corporate structure that enables solid growth in our business, and supporting and achieving our Mission and Vision.

To achieve this, we started with a vision, and then went to great lengths to assemble a world class team of professionals, combined with state-of-the art systems and infrastructure solutions, to give us the depth, experience and resources to meet this vision.

We have also strived to preserve our capital wealth (our investors, stakeholders and employees), while maximizing our ability to pursue the tremendous opportunities the market has presented to us, and will continue to present for many years to come.

To do so, we have focused on developing a solid risk mitigation strategy, and have maintained a conservative and sensible economical posture that will preserve our past success, thus enabling our future success, overcoming all the region's stresses, resulting in the global financial crisis.

Our approach is simple. It is about taking great pride in what has been achieved around us, and great pride in being part of it.